Three weeks in Vietnam exploring from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north (including a few beaches, the former colonial French town Dalat, set in the highlands of western Vietnam and a foray into the UNESCO World Heritage site Haolong Bay) afforded countless chances for beautiful people and places.

Below are some highlights:

Palm fronds in the Mekong Delta
A fruit vendor in Dalat, a former French colonial town in the Vietnamese highlands.
Sunrise in Halong Bay
Sunrise in the Mekong Delta.
A farmer in the Mekong Delta.
Water lillies in the Mekong Delta region.
A village on the Mekong Delta.
A child plays with fishermen sorting their catch on the beach in Mui Ne.
Hogs at a farm in southern Vietnam
A car mechanic near Nha Trang moments after replacing a tire on a bus.
Hoi An's Japanese Covered Bridge was built in 1593 and connects the canal-lined city.
Night in Hoi An.
Traditional Hoi An lanterns.
Hoi An's full of tailors for every budget. I couldn't help but taking a picture of Rubin.
Sunshine pours through a hole in the cave's ceiling at the Marble Mountain near Da Nang. During the Vietnam War North Vietnamese soldiers fired missiles at American planes who retaliated with bomb attacks. This hole was caused by a bomb. The cave, unknown before the attack, is now a Buddhist shrine.
Cao Dai worshipers at the Great Temple.
Ho Chi Min City's main post office, with a mural of it's namesake on the wall.
A vendor and her son in Ho Chi Minh City.
A motorbike dealership in Hue.
Ho Chi Min City's snarled evening traffic.
A Flower Vendor in Hanoi.
American class rings for sale in Ho Chi Minh City.
A bike mechanic taking an afternoon ciesta in Hue.
Street scene in Hue.
A tiger cage, about the size of a refrigerator on display at Ho Chi Minh City's War Remnants Museum. American and Vietnamese solders (under colonial French rule) were placed in these barbed traps.


A Vietnam War era propaganda movie playing at Hanoi's Hanoi Hilton, the prison where John McCain was a POW.
John McCain's flight suit.
Motorbikes parked outside of a Ho Chi Minh City hospital.

5 Responses to “Vietnam’s Dynamo”

  1. Aunt Pam and Uncle Hal

    Wow what an experience you just went through. Hope it gets better after that. The pictures were great.
    Love aunt Pam and Uncle Hal

  2. Darryl Barricklow

    The photographs made the places much more appealing than the commentary. Suzanne often has issues (needless) with places I drag her in Mexico, but when she reads this “nightmare” of broken promises, dark stops and rude “guides” she have no further issues with our friends and places south of the border. Thanks for the ride – be safe!

    • micahbrubin

      Sounds great! Glad I could help out.

      Hopefully South of the Border’s warm and the Coronas are cold.

      It’s chilly in Vang Vieng, Laos, where we’re at the moment!

  3. Mark E. Johnson

    That frame of the sunset? You have to make prints and sell them when you’re done with your trip.

    Great shooting, pal – beautiful images.

  4. Amelia H

    Incredible photos—makes me feel like I am there with you for a moment.


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