St. Vincent’s Volcanic Hero

Hot off the press! My latest photo essay for Nature. I traveled to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to photograph Dr. Richie Robertson, the renowned expert in Caribbean volcanology. Richie’s research focuses on St. Vincent’s La Soufriere, a massive volcano … Continued

Barbados’s Sugar Cane Revolution

Barbados’s sugar cane history traces hundreds of years, many cultures (African, European, Brazilian), and ushered in fabulous wealth. For generations, sugar cane fueled Barbadian (and British) prosperity. A shift in global markets and the rise of European sugar beet decimated … Continued

Saharan Dust Gets Tropical, Barbados-Style

Africa’s Saharan Desert winds blow across the Atlantic, carrying dust, ash and biological entities hitching an ocean-spanning ride. Since 1996, Edmund Blades has managed the University of Miami’s Barbados Atmospheric Chemistry Observatory and it’s 17-meter tall tower. Situated on Ragged … Continued

Nature Publishes My Sweetest Images Ever

Jagged stalks of sugar cane cover Barbados’s coral rock landscape. As the island’s cash crop, Barbados produced 92,000 tons of sugar in 2021 despite being covered in volcanic ash from St. Vincent’s La Soufrière’s spring eruption. Another harvest will begin … Continued

My Portrait of Brazil’s Top Physicist for Nature’s 10

Each year, Nature magazine publishes an annual list of 10 scientists making a difference in the world. 2019’s package opens with my double-page portrait of Ricardo Galvao. As Brazil’s top physicist and a national hero who challenged Brazil’s President Bolsonaro, … Continued

Quirky Colombia: Mompox Part 3

For all its beautiful colonial charm, Mompox still has a quirky personality. And like most small towns, Mompox is too small to hide the eccentricities that reveal themselves while wandering its dusty streets. For me, there’s a lot of aimless … Continued

Portraits of Homelessness Overcome

A few weeks ago while shooting portraits for Homefirst, an organization in Plainsfield, NJ that works to keep families from becoming homeless and help homeless families find homes, I felt amazed and humbled at the kid’s perseverance. Homefirst transformed the … Continued

A Meal to Remember (Complements of the Sikh)

Hunger and inequality breed many societal problems. Each culture and religion confronts these issue in different ways, but Sikh altruism resolves to address these issues through a full belly (yours). At the Golden Temple (and other Sikh temples) a kitchen … Continued

Rishikesh Revealed

The Ganges River’s frothy turquoise rapids divide Rishikesh like a spiritual scalpel separating a sacred heart. Set in India’s Himalayan Foothills, Rishikesh found fame through The Beatles 1968 visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation. While … Continued