Being a kid in Bangladesh. Not always fun and games.

Each culture defines childhood differently. For us in the west, childhood doesn’t usually entail work – maybe a paper route or lemonade stand – and real employment doesn’t start until high school. Yet for many countries in the developing world, … Continued

The Road to Bangladeshi Tea Country

Tea in south Asia is serious business. Everyone know’s India’s Darjeeling teas, but Srimangal? Across the border in north eastern Bangladesh, Srimangal is a dusty town surrounded by rolling fields and tea¬†plantations that produce some of the worlds most delicious … Continued

Love to Travel? Time to Meet Plan Go!

  Tired of dreaming about travel? Ready (or almost ready) to explore the world? Maybe it’s time to change things up? Stop by tomorrow night and let’s talk travel at the¬†Meet Plan Go Event at NYC’s Hostel International! I’ll be … Continued

Our Love of Fading Light

Sunsets resonate in a primordial region of our souls. During a recent backcountry camping trip in Northern Ontario, as each day waned and clouds swallowed the sun’s final breath of light, I found myself enchanted. Sunset photos are in everyone’s … Continued

The Soothsayer’s Golden Temple

Burmese history is a rocky affair. From political instability to the earthquakes that shake the country’s foundation, many of its temples have been rebuilt over the tremulous years. Bago, a city a few hour drive or train ride south from … Continued

Smoldering for Now, Indonesia’s Rinjani Volcano

Smoldering volcanos stretch across Indonesia’s sprawling expanse, an oceanic nation filled with more than 17,500 islands, of which around 6,000 are inhabited. Travelers through the country often find refuge at its idyllic beaches on the islands of Bali or Sumatra … Continued

Angkor Wat

Surrounded by dusty jungles and situated within a former bastion of Khmer Rouge rebels, the temples of Angkor inspire millions of tourists each year with their amazing architecture and mystical symbolism. Built between the 9th and 15th centuries by the … Continued

Vietnam’s Dynamo

Three weeks in Vietnam exploring from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north (including a few beaches, the former colonial French town Dalat, set in the highlands of western Vietnam and a foray into the … Continued

Hungry or Not – Luoyang China’s Street Food

Street food is a staple of any Chinese (and China traveler’s) diet. Between steamed dumplings for breakfast and grilled/boiled/friend something (usually meat) for dinner, check out the exotic variety of foods and Luoyang’s night food market: