At Indonesia’s 8,660 foot Kawah Ijen volcano, miners toil in hellish conditions as they pry raw sulfur from the volcano’s crater.

Despite the roiling liquid sulfur, acidic steam and a boiling acid lake, the miners toil without any protective equipment.

I recently hiked to the top of the volcano and into it’s 650-foot deep crater to document the mining process and the blue flames of burning liquid sulfur only visible at night.


3 Responses to “Kawah Ijen by Night”

  1. Darryl Barricklow

    Well written adventure and, strangely, awesome photos. Forgot about the ankle on the way out I bet!

  2. kawah ijen

    wonderfull picture,
    often i go to ijen to see bluefire but sometime not lucky

  3. jose

    Just walkend today up to Kawan Ijen it take more than 1 1/2 oure to walk up when you are not in a good shape than it tokes 2 ours al last


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