Outside of the city Luang Prabang, a former French colonial town, rescued logging elephants live the good life hauling tourists instead of downed trees.

Despite their massive size, riding on these gracefully surefooted animals is a meditative experience – watching their massive bones move, feeling their leathery skin and slow and steady pace – and one I’m sure to remember for the years to come.

The Shangri Lao elephant camp outside Luong Prabang, Laos.
Elephants waiting to begin working. When resting, the elephants are often chained to trees to ensure they don’t wander off foraging for food in the jungle or farmer’s fields.
Elephant’s trekking through the river near the Shangri Lao Elephant Camp
A mahut, standing on it’s head, helps a guest onto an elephant.
No mascara needed.
No mascara needed.
Jungle Trekking with the Elephants
The view of an elephants leathery skin, covered in jungle dirt while riding on it’s neck.
An elephant rests in the jungle.



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  1. AmeliaPhoto

    How amazing that you captured these incredibly beautiful animals in a loving “retirement community.” Thank you. This made my new year!


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