Helping Hands in Trike Town

  Not everybody in the Rickshaw yard trikes around town. A support staff of mechanics. vendors and hangers-on orbit the rickshaw universe, providing much needed services (like a caffeine or flat-tire fix). A while back I posted a photo of … Continued

Pedal Power: Dhaka’s Rickshaw Runners – Part 2

Rickshaw drivers don’t mess around, but how can they when a diesel spewing bus is barreling down on them? An all too common site in Bangladesh. The rule of the Bangladeshi road: the biggest vehicle wins; cars, motorcycles and especially bicycle rickshaws swerve out … Continued

Powered by Sweat

  In Mrauk U, the tiny agrarian town in Western Burma, villages and temples and ancient ruins intermingle amidst the encroaching jungle. Animal and pedal-power continues to propel trade and commerce despite the steady introduction of cars and motorized vehicles. … Continued

Myanmar – Part 5: Thaunggok

There wasn’t much to do in Thaunggok besides wander around and by 9pm everything was shut down and the streets hauntingly dark. On my first day there I rented a motorbike but ended up returning it after about 5 minutes … Continued

Vietnam’s Dynamo

Three weeks in Vietnam exploring from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north (including a few beaches, the former colonial French town Dalat, set in the highlands of western Vietnam and a foray into the … Continued