Terms of Abandonment

  Abandoned mansions crumbling and fading under the glaring Bangladeshi sun line the once prosperous street in Painam Nagar, a forgotten village near Dhaka. Built by wealthy Hindu merchants between 1895 and 1905, their former owners fled the country after … Continued

Angkor Wat’s Dancing Walls

Light creates romance, saturating the curves and shadows of Angkor Wat’s beautifully ornate carvings in a dewy glow. Temple visitors are smitten by an overwhelming awe of Angkor’s jagged, heavenly architecture. Fewer tourists explore the temples later in the day … Continued

Jamaican Shadow Play

  Stark beauty often hides within the lush. In Jamaica’s northern coast a few places caught my eye; each offering a different sense of silence, yet both projecting a flirtatious play on presence. The first photo shows plants growing through a church … Continued

An Oldie But Goodie

One of the oldest churches in Jamaica sits in Falmouth, not far from its formerly bustling port. Surrounded by a sprawling cemetery with 200 + year old graves, the St. Peter the Apostle Church was completed in 1796 and has … Continued

Falmouth’s Not so Foul Mouth

Its name sounds like a naughty school child (but with a hard T at the end). Time-worn cobblestones line the streets of this historic Jamaican port town founded in 1769 and named after the similarly named English town in Cornwall. … Continued

Stepping Off the Jamaican Resort

Everybody said: “Don’t go,” “Don’t do it,” “It’s too dangerous.” “It’s not safe. I’m scared for you,” echoed in my mind as we exited Jamaica’s Montego Bay international airport and brushed by the taxi drivers looking to make a quick … Continued

Risky Business(men)?

  Maybe, maybe not, but these guys all have interesting faces. These early morning gentlemen were hanging about the Rickshaw yard waiting for the morning chill to pass. Stay tuned for photos…from Jamaica, where i’m heading later this week!  

The Big Picture

I was riding my bike through the streets of Manhattan the other day and thought: “Holy crap, this is nuts.” New York streets are chaos. I’d never really noticed before how anarchic the pedestrians (and bikers) are in this city. … Continued

Cruisin’ in Burma

A while back I posted photos from the Burmese city George Orwell – the famous and infamous author – grew up in. About 300km from Yangon, Mawlamyine is Burma’s 3rd largest city and a lazy town with a meandering boardwalk reminiscent of … Continued