Risky Business(men)?

  Maybe, maybe not, but these guys all have interesting faces. These early morning gentlemen were hanging about the Rickshaw yard waiting for the morning chill to pass. Stay tuned for photos…from Jamaica, where i’m heading later this week!  

The Big Picture

I was riding my bike through the streets of Manhattan the other day and thought: “Holy crap, this is nuts.” New York streets are chaos. I’d never really noticed before how anarchic the pedestrians (and bikers) are in this city. … Continued

Cruisin’ in Burma

A while back I posted photos from the Burmese city George Orwell – the famous and infamous author – grew up in. About 300km from Yangon, Mawlamyine is Burma’s 3rd largest city and a lazy town with a meandering boardwalk reminiscent of … Continued

Nature’s Vertigo

Sure footing’s never a guarantee when exploring the wilderness. Hikers wear thick treaded boots with hard rubber soles that grip the rocks and dirt and gnarled roots underfoot. Nature’s tenacity often overcomes the limitations of our own footwear and a … Continued

Wedding Glow and A Child’s Storied Eyes

We’re going to try something new this week – and I hope everyone enjoys the changes. (Hint: Click on the first image below after you’re finished reading.) I’m drawn to eyes, and their expressiveness. They harbor secrets or reveal inner … Continued

A Tease for the New Year

I’ve been posting lots of great images from South Asia lately but the library’s huge and in the coming weeks and months I’ll be posting images from many other countries and continents – South America, Central America (North America) and … Continued

Broke Down Palace, well Bangladeshi Ricksaw

There’s no time for a breakdown in Old Dhaka, whose narrow roads are framed by crumbling buildings and offer little wiggle room for a disabled rickshaw, let alone car. Despite this, Old Dhaka’s abuzz with commerce and people haggling in … Continued

Uncommon Threads Web Gallery – It’s Live!

June’s Uncommon Threads, an exhibition highlighting photos shot throughout Asia was a huge success. Strong turnout, amazing music and great fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to make evening a success! Check out an online gallery of the … Continued