I was riding my bike through the streets of Manhattan the other day and thought: “Holy crap, this is nuts.”

New York streets are chaos.

I’d never really noticed before how anarchic the pedestrians (and bikers) are in this city.

Street lights and stop lights are totally optional and people absentmindedly, even brazenly ignore traffic signals.

It’s not uncommon to watch people walk in front of¬†oncoming cars or bikers swerve through traffic like a hopped-up snake.

But this is NYC, not Dhaka.

The end (or beginning) of a busy Dhakan day looks a bit like the below photo.

Which brings me back to a New York livery stand, except with bicycle rickshaws (which NYC has these days), auto rickshaws (not yet, but maybe some day), cars, and mini busses waiting to spirit the weary traveler home.