Its name sounds like a naughty school child (but with a hard T at the end).

Time-worn cobblestones line the streets of this historic Jamaican port town founded in 1769 and named after the similarly named English town in Cornwall.

For years, Falmouth served as the epicenter of Jamaican sugar cane production and due to its commercial success and accessible port, a hub of the slave-trade.

The bustling port town began a slow decline in 1840 when the British Empire outlawed slavery and much of its laborers and commercial interests departed.

Today, the town’s colonnaded Georgian architecture still stands, surrounding a cobble stone square while a few blocks away rests one of Jamaica’s oldest churches (which I’ll be posting images shortly).

Tourists, fresh off the cruise ship from the nearby port, wander the town’s sleepy streets swatting away friendly hustlers (total oxymoron, but so true in Jamaica).

Despite that, Falmouth’s a worthwhile day trip from nearby Montego Bay and a close jumping off point to explore one of the most amazing places in Jamaica, the Luminous Lagoon.