Machu Pichu’s Carved Mountaintops

Talking about terraced fields sent me digging through my image archive looking for other photos I’ve shot showing human ingenuity. Below are a few early morning photos from Peru’s Machu Pichu, with clouds rolling up the mountain from the nearby … Continued

Terms of Abandonment

  Abandoned mansions crumbling and fading under the glaring Bangladeshi sun line the once prosperous street in Painam Nagar, a forgotten village near Dhaka. Built by wealthy Hindu merchants between 1895 and 1905, their former owners fled the country after … Continued

Angkor Wat’s Dancing Walls

Light creates romance, saturating the curves and shadows of Angkor Wat’s beautifully ornate carvings in a dewy glow. Temple visitors are smitten by an overwhelming awe of Angkor’s jagged, heavenly architecture. Fewer tourists explore the temples later in the day … Continued

Jamaican Shadow Play

  Stark beauty often hides within the lush. In Jamaica’s northern coast a few places caught my eye; each offering a different sense of silence, yet both projecting a flirtatious play on presence. The first photo shows plants growing through a church … Continued

An Oldie But Goodie

One of the oldest churches in Jamaica sits in Falmouth, not far from its formerly bustling port. Surrounded by a sprawling cemetery with 200 + year old graves, the St. Peter the Apostle Church was completed in 1796 and has … Continued

Falmouth’s Not so Foul Mouth

Its name sounds like a naughty school child (but with a hard T at the end). Time-worn cobblestones line the streets of this historic Jamaican port town founded in 1769 and named after the similarly named English town in Cornwall. … Continued

Stepping Off the Jamaican Resort

Everybody said: “Don’t go,” “Don’t do it,” “It’s too dangerous.” “It’s not safe. I’m scared for you,” echoed in my mind as we exited Jamaica’s Montego Bay international airport and brushed by the taxi drivers looking to make a quick … Continued