Desert Smiles, Hold the Dust

I never tire of interesting faces and through exploring and traveling, you encounter countless. Like in Bikaner, where camels trudge through dusty streets hauling loads of bricks and daily necessities. Kids scamper around deserted lots, hitting cricket balls with sticks … Continued

Wedding Glow and A Child’s Storied Eyes

We’re going to try something new this week – and I hope everyone enjoys the changes. (Hint: Click on the first image below after you’re finished reading.) I’m drawn to eyes, and their expressiveness. They harbor secrets or reveal inner … Continued

Holy Rats and other Desert Surprises

Scalding winds burn through the Thar desert, the empty, hostile land of Rajasthan, India’s largest state known as the Land of Kings. It’s a place where Sikh maharajas with handlebar moustaches lived in desert fortresses to defeat raiders and protect … Continued

Dhaka’s Hindu Heart

It beats and throbs like an adrenaline-soaked sprinter racing through the heart of Dhaka’s old city. Hindu Street, a long, narrow road with cracked sidewalks where bicycle rickshaws and pedestrians jostle for space on its narrow throughway while women in … Continued

Broke Down Palace, well Bangladeshi Ricksaw

There’s no time for a breakdown in Old Dhaka, whose narrow roads are framed by crumbling buildings and offer little wiggle room for a disabled rickshaw, let alone car. Despite this, Old Dhaka’s abuzz with commerce and people haggling in … Continued

Dhaka’s Dusty Streets

Sprawl, dust and chaos are words that screech to mind wandering through the streets of Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital with 17-million inhabitants. Amidst the cacophony of sounds, smells and crowds of hawkers offering everything from blessed amulets to freshly butchered meat still bleeding and … Continued

The Merchant(s) of Savar

Shops and street vendors line the streets of this bustling city, an hour away from Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital. Some have established stands built into buildings, almost like a take out stand in the US. Others spread a blanket on … Continued

Being a kid in Bangladesh. Not always fun and games.

Each culture defines childhood differently. For us in the west, childhood doesn’t usually entail work – maybe a paper route or lemonade stand – and real employment doesn’t start until high school. Yet for many countries in the developing world, … Continued

Perfection to a Tea

A photo of the fileds in Srimangal, Bangladesh at the Bangladesh Tea Research Institue.  

Tasty Tea Country Treats

Sun baked villages blend into tea plantations like the rows of crowded tea-trees striped through the Bangladeshi countryside. At the end of a dusty road, just before a three-way Y intersection sits a small shack with bolts of light crackling … Continued