There’s no time for a breakdown in Old Dhaka, whose narrow roads are framed by crumbling buildings and offer little wiggle room for a disabled rickshaw, let alone car.

Despite this, Old Dhaka’s abuzz with commerce and people haggling in its shops and markets, where everything’s for sale from religious articles to freshly slaughtered meat.

It’s full of mosques and relics of its colonial British past.

Navigating it’s buzzing streets through the lens of a camera proved a lesson in patience and adventure and is definitely not for the faint of heart.


Old Dhaka’s full of doorways and narrow lanes leading to who knows where. Sometimes the light is just right to catch a quiet moment amidst the city’s scrum.
Built in the early 19th century, Dhaka’s Star Mosque, known for the blue stars on its facade (not to mention starred fence) offers a rickshaw driver respite from the rigors of his labor.


Rickshaws not only transport people, but cargo. Amazingly, these pedal powered bicycles pulls hundreds of pounds, sometimes too much for even the rickshaw to carry.
Hungry for fresh meat? Open air butchers offer every part of an animal, and it’s all halal.

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  1. leila

    once again, great photos Micah…..
    between the rickshaws and people, sometimes a challenge to get around. photos of that?

  2. Amelia Photo

    That animal face is a really powerful photo. Very intense.


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