Shops and street vendors line the streets of this bustling city, an hour away from Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital.

Some have established stands built into buildings, almost like a take out stand in the US. Others spread a blanket on the ground, or have their sewing machine set up on the sidewalks (formerly) free real estate.

It’s like walking through a friendly gauntlet with interesting faces and friendly smiles.

A tailor, using a foot-powered sewing machine, on a side street in Savar.
Friends always seem to congregate around street vendors like this man, who was leaning against the tailor’s machine (you can see his hands in the above photo).
After taking his photo (he had to remove a painters mask to keep from breathing the city’s dusty air) this tailor insisted on me joining him for chai and cookies at a nearby tea stall. I was consistently amazed by the Bengla’s hospitality, always wanting to sit and communicate the best we could, with or without words.
A cobbler in Savar with no shop, only a blanket and tools where he sits repairing shoes (near the above tailor).
A young vendor managing a shop on a busy road in Savar. Any guess what his age might be?


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  1. leila

    up, UP and posting………… great, again, Micah. The boy, ….13, by his facial hair?

    • micahbrubin

      Not sure his exact age. I was struck not only by the facial hair but at his feminine features and the facial hair.


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