Sprawl, dust and chaos are words that screech to mind wandering through the streets of Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital with 17-million inhabitants.

Amidst the cacophony of sounds, smells and crowds of hawkers offering everything from blessed amulets to freshly butchered meat still bleeding and buzzing with flies, people (patiently and not so patiently) navigate through the crowds and rickshaws vying for a few inches on the teeming streets.

If you’re brave, you’ll take a rickshaw (bicycle or auto) and delve into the city’s vehicular mania, coughing out soot and screaming alongside the driver as the traffic swirls like a congested typhoon.

In the coming days and week’s I’ll be posting photos from Dhaka and it’s beautifully manic streets. Stay tuned.


On the banks fo the Buriganga River, that cuts across this sprawling city, commuters travel across the river in simple boats.
A trash sifter and his rickshaw take a break outside the Bangladesh National Museum, located just outside of Old Dhaka’s chaotic labyrinthine streets.
Traffic in Old Dhaka is usually choked with bicycle rickshaws, motorbikes and pedestrians. Finding a calm moment was a rarity in this sprawling metropolis.
Dhaka is often called the “Rickshaw Capital of the World.” Ricksha-wala’s fill the streets and are often the fastest way to navigate the city’s snarled traffic jams.


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  1. leila

    Micah, oh the beauty of memories……….. along with your great photos. I feel the brillant walk, the outstanding food…most of all the company that I shall never forget. Yes, Dhaka, you are so very special! Many thankSSS!


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