We’re going to try something new this week – and I hope everyone enjoys the changes. (Hint: Click on the first image below after you’re finished reading.)

I’m drawn to eyes, and their expressiveness. They harbor secrets or reveal inner truths words can’t convey. Children especially evoke, like in the below photo of the young boy waiting a bus’s departure in Rajasthan, more questions than give answers.

I’m be interested to hear your thoughts.

Another beautiful aspect of photography is the search for detail, like in the photo of a couple with their hennaed hands and attired in wedding finery. Bangles are a part of everyday fashion in India, but on their wedding day, brides glow with golden jewels and gold and jewels.

Bathrooms are another part of Indian life it takes some getting used to, like the fact the urinal is completely open to the public and in the parking lot of a busy bus station. I guess it’s better than relieving ones self on the bus station (which people still do) but it’s totally understandable. Sometimes you just don’t want to walk across the parking lot to do ones business. Can you blame them?