Hunger and inequality breed many societal problems. Each culture and religion confronts these issue in different ways, but Sikh altruism resolves to address these issues through a full belly (yours).

At the Golden Temple (and other Sikh temples) a kitchen provides free meals for all visitors. At the Golden Temple, volunteers prepare, serve and wash dishes for the more than 75,000 partakers every day.

Anyone can participate: from stirring massive cauldrons of dal (lentils), to baking the thin roti (bread) to washing the metal plates, an amazing sense of community for all involved – including the eaters  – teaches a lesson in humility.

Visitors of all castes and colors, men and women, tourists and locals, sit on the ground together under a Sikh roof, in the Golden Temple’s shadow.

Check out photos of a few faces enjoying a delicious (and fulfilling) meal.