The Ganges River’s frothy turquoise rapids divide Rishikesh like a spiritual scalpel separating a sacred heart. Set in India’s Himalayan Foothills, Rishikesh found fame through The Beatles 1968 visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation.

While the Maharishi and his retreat have passed, Rishikesh continues to draw seekers of enlightenment, enchanted by its many gurus and yoga and meditation ashrams.

Feel like a yoga class with a 102-year old teacher? It’s offered.

Maybe a week in silence quieting the mind and body? Check.

It’s no surprise to see hippies and travelers intermingling with aesthetics (babas) wearing simple robes and walking barefoot through the streets.

With such a mix, finding an interesting face was only a step away.

Check out the photos below and stay tuned from more photos from Rishikesh in the coming days.


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    Reliving such beautiful times in life…. via your photos. Oh how I look forward to your posts.
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