A few weeks ago while shooting portraits for Homefirst, an organization in Plainsfield, NJ that works to keep families from becoming homeless and help homeless families find homes, I felt amazed and humbled at the kid’s perseverance.

Homefirst transformed the lives of each of the 3 teenagers photographed. The first is a basketball star that has ambition (and talent) to go pro. The second will be joining the military to pursue a career in medicine. The third is studying to become a nurse, has a fashion line and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The photos will be used as part of a promotional video to spread awareness of Homefirst’s good work: they own buildings and apartments that provide affordable housing, the organization offers English classes, job resources and a litany of other initiatives to help at-risk and post-risk families.

You might recall I shot documentary photos for the organization last year (that are viewable here) and I hope to shoot another round for the organization later this summer.

It’s great to do something you love, in my case take photos (and write).

It’s even greater to do something you love while making a difference in the lives of others.

Sound idealistic?

It is.

And it’s up to us to make idealism a reality.