Surrounded by dusty jungles and situated within a former bastion of Khmer Rouge rebels, the temples of Angkor inspire millions of tourists each year with their amazing architecture and mystical symbolism.

Built between the 9th and 15th centuries by the Khmer Empire, the Hindu temples drew more than 560,000 visitors between January and March 2012 and tourism numbers have steadily risen each year.

It’s best to arrive early before the crowds get to too thick and spend a few days exploring the 250 square miles of temples and watching the sun wrap them in its honeydew light.

Visitors stream into Angkor Wat in dawn's early light.
Angkor's spires, built to resemble the mythical Mt. Meru, the center of the spiritual universe, in the early morning light
Wall carvings on Angkor's walls depict mythic Hindu figures
Wall carvings hidden by the evening's shadows
Sunset warms the pillars that surround Angkor Wat


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    have missed your posts, micah!!!


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