Sunsets resonate in a primordial region of our souls.

During a recent backcountry camping trip in Northern Ontario, as each day waned and clouds swallowed the sun’s final breath of light, I found myself enchanted.

Sunset photos are in everyone’s scrapbooks and on every online image sharing site.

But what leads us to snap away with abandon?

Is it watching the artist’s color palate brush across the sky in evening’s fading light?

Or the tranquility of knowing the day’s ending and night and sleep beckon?

Maybe it Is the sunset’s singularity of beauty and stillness.

All these things combine into a certain centeredness.

Sunsets make us stop and take a breath. For a moment, a temporal moment, all that exists is oneself and nature’s simple¬†magnificence. A timelessness that resonates; a rarity in our hyper-connected, frenetic lives.

Looking at a photo of a sunset spirits us to that tranquil moment and triggers our senses.

The smell of the sea, sound of the crashing waves and the sunset’s calmness lapping through our hearts.


Sunset over Lake Superior in Ontario’s Pukaskwa National Park

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