Tea in south Asia is serious business. Everyone know’s India’s Darjeeling teas, but Srimangal?

Across the border in north eastern Bangladesh, Srimangal is a dusty town surrounded by rolling fields and tea plantations that produce some of the worlds most delicious teas best.

Check into an ecolodge, rent a bike and frolic through the fragrant countryside.

And like many places in Bangladesh, so few [western] tourists navigate it’s hilly roads that you’re bound to have an adventure full of inquisitive smiling faces.

Check out photos of the faces and places of Srimangal and Dhaka’s train life, the first step in savoring Srimangal’s tasty teas.



A young paper boy at work at Dhaka’s train station.
A mystic at Dhaka's Airport train station.
A mystic at Dhaka’s train station, before catching to train to Srimangal

A vendor’s patriotic jacket on the train to Srimangal
A late night arrival in Srimangal, the Bangladeshi tea capital


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