After a long day on the trail, hiking through rocky valleys and up the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s craggy peaks, there’s nothing better than relaxing at your campsite, watching the day melt into night.

At Sequoia National Park the honey dew sunset spilled onto the towering mountains and transformed Franklin Lake into a pool of golden lava.

With sky diminished, stars slowly rear their glittering faces through the darkness until the sky became a sheet of glitter.

Founded in 1890, Sequoia N.P. is known for the towering Sequoia trees scattered throughout the park including the General Sherman, the largest tree on earth estimated to be 2,300 – 2,700 years old.

Stay tuned for more photos from Sequoia – not just of its trees but it’s peaks, valleys and solitude.


3 Responses to “Where Days Melt into a Sequoia Night”

  1. Jeffery

    Hi Micah,

    I didn’t know you also did landscape photography. Nice images, I lean towards the wide views.

    Thanks for sharing these calm pictures.

    Jeffery Salter

    • micahbrubin

      Hi Jeffery,

      Great to hear from you and thank you for checking out the images!

      I’m usually drawn to documentary and street photography, but when exploring the wilderness, it’s hard to ignore the beauty.

      Flattered you’re checking out the blog!


  2. Pamela Arkin

    all I could say when I saw these pictures was oh my G-d. they are truly amazing


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