Cartagena’s Moody Romance

Cartagena breathes a moody romance – especially as the sun sets and silky shadows drape the city’s historic walls. It was only a few hours after my arrival and I was exploring the old city’s fortifications, waiting for my Courchsurfing … Continued

A Splash of Black and White

I’m lucky to have beautiful city views from the roof of my Brooklyn apartment. Blending the view with late fall light has become the recipe for beautiful panorama photos. Most of my photographs are shot and processed in color. Once … Continued

Tangled Up and Kathmandu

Tangles of wire crisscross the streets of Kathmandu like a canopy of Christmas-lights: wire strands, thick as basketballs or thin as a spaghetti noodles tremble in the Nepali breeze. Shops and people scurry about in this foothill town where layers … Continued

The Golden Hours of Amritsar

Sunset and sunrise cast a dramatic light on the mundane and not-so mundane. Nature’s golden sky or a riot of colors glowing from man-made lights often shape our perception and emotional response to the world around us. The same thing … Continued

A Breathless Sunset Panorama

I was just riding home from the neighborhood grocery and watched as the sky ignited in a fiery, breathless sunset. The sun melted into the horizon and ripples of clouds and color burst through the gusting winds. I rushed home, … Continued

The Sierra’s Astounding Beauty

The beauty of nature often astounds. Especially in Sequoia National Park. Amber sunsets cast evening spells over the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s jagged peaks, turning the backcountry into a surreal cascading world of light. The below photos capture this heavenly, nightly … Continued

Where Days Melt into a Sequoia Night

After a long day on the trail, hiking through rocky valleys and up the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s craggy peaks, there’s nothing better than relaxing at your campsite, watching the day melt into night. At Sequoia National Park the honey dew … Continued

Angkor Wat’s Dancing Walls

Light creates romance, saturating the curves and shadows of Angkor Wat’s beautifully ornate carvings in a dewy glow. Temple visitors are smitten by an overwhelming awe of Angkor’s jagged, heavenly architecture. Fewer tourists explore the temples later in the day … Continued

Our Love of Fading Light

Sunsets resonate in a primordial region of our souls. During a recent backcountry camping trip in Northern Ontario, as each day waned and clouds swallowed the sun’s final breath of light, I found myself enchanted. Sunset photos are in everyone’s … Continued

Angkor Wat

Surrounded by dusty jungles and situated within a former bastion of Khmer Rouge rebels, the temples of Angkor inspire millions of tourists each year with their amazing architecture and mystical symbolism. Built between the 9th and 15th centuries by the … Continued