The Sierra’s Astounding Beauty

The beauty of nature often astounds. Especially in Sequoia National Park. Amber sunsets cast evening spells over the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s jagged peaks, turning the backcountry into a surreal cascading world of light. The below photos capture this heavenly, nightly … Continued

The Big Picture

Day three in, Sequoia National park carried us deeper into the wilderness, to Big Five Lakes, a series of lakes carved into the earth millions of years ago by traveling glaciers. On windless days, the surrounding mountains, caused by collisions … Continued

Sequoia’s Reflection Eternal

Deep in the Sequoia wilderness, silence overwhelms the senses, casting a deafening emptiness through the land. The silence, so complete, causes the body to listen inward; the throbs of the thumping heart and the body’s ambient whine become a droning … Continued

Where Days Melt into a Sequoia Night

After a long day on the trail, hiking through rocky valleys and up the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s craggy peaks, there’s nothing better than relaxing at your campsite, watching the day melt into night. At Sequoia National Park the honey dew … Continued