Arrested in the Adirondacks

Years ago I got “arrested.” I was in grad school at the time and a few buddies and I decided to head up to the Adirondacks for a weekend of camping. It was mid fall and the mountains were exploding with color. Three … Continued

Lake Saranac Paddle Power Photos

As the double rainbow spilled from cottony clouds, the Adirondack evening cast its colorful stripes on Lake Saranac’s glassy surface. Located five hours from New York City yet a world away, a lush paradise of pine covered mountains, crystal clear … Continued

Colorado’s Screaming Silence

America’s rugged wilderness imposes a calming salve, even when mosquitos are attacking you. Nature doesn’t know silence. There’s always some sound like an oscillating frog belch or raspy crickets mashing their legs together. Wind whispers through the trees and when … Continued

Attack of Colorado’s Vampire Mosquitos

It felt like a plague of biblical proportions. The frogs and hail weren’t a problem but hot damn, the clouds of mosquitoes were lifted directly from that miserable list of Passover plagues. Starting off the hike, we knew the park … Continued

Where Days Melt into a Sequoia Night

After a long day on the trail, hiking through rocky valleys and up the Sierra Nevada Mountain’s craggy peaks, there’s nothing better than relaxing at your campsite, watching the day melt into night. At Sequoia National Park the honey dew … Continued

Nature’s Vertigo

Sure footing’s never a guarantee when exploring the wilderness. Hikers wear thick treaded boots with hard rubber soles that grip the rocks and dirt and gnarled roots underfoot. Nature’s tenacity often overcomes the limitations of our own footwear and a … Continued