Dhaka’s Hindu Heart

It beats and throbs like an adrenaline-soaked sprinter racing through the heart of Dhaka’s old city. Hindu Street, a long, narrow road with cracked sidewalks where bicycle rickshaws and pedestrians jostle for space on its narrow throughway while women in … Continued

Scavenging Old Dhaka for the Present Past

It’s hard to imagine much ever changes in Dhaka’s crowded, frenetic old city. Rickshaws still clog its arteries. Soot spilling trucks narrowly squeeze through the scrum. Men wearing plaid headscarves plod the streets while women in saris glowing orange, lime … Continued

Broke Down Palace, well Bangladeshi Ricksaw

There’s no time for a breakdown in Old Dhaka, whose narrow roads are framed by crumbling buildings and offer little wiggle room for a disabled rickshaw, let alone car. Despite this, Old Dhaka’s abuzz with commerce and people haggling in … Continued

Dhaka’s Dusty Streets

Sprawl, dust and chaos are words that screech to mind wandering through the streets of Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital with 17-million inhabitants. Amidst the cacophony of sounds, smells and crowds of hawkers offering everything from blessed amulets to freshly butchered meat still bleeding and … Continued