There wasn’t much to do in Thaunggok besides wander around and by 9pm everything was shut down and the streets hauntingly dark.

On my first day there I rented a motorbike but ended up returning it after about 5 minutes of riding – it bucked like an unbroken mule (and was naturally made in China).

Exploring by foot opened up many more doors (literally and figuratively).

Check out the photos below.

An elderly shop keeper
Village kids with thanaka, a paste made from the bark of the Thanaka tree, protecting their faces from the sun
I'm not 100% sure, but this might have been the first time having his photo taken
But he warmed up immediately after seeing his face on camera
Another child surprised by my presence in the village
A wicker bridge that crosses the river in Thaunggok
The toll collector for the bridge connecting both sides of the river in Thaunggok
A shop vendor with thanaka on her cheeks
Chinlon, the Burmese game played with a rattan ball, uses a net and follows the same rules as volleyball except no hands and the rest of the body is allowed


A bicycle rickshaw driver awaiting his next rider

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  1. leila

    Am so enjoying your photography.
    The many uses of wicker, to the paste preventive lotion.
    Take care……………


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