Hope often finds itself in the most dire of places and Dhaka’s School of Hope takes no exception. Planted in a slum in the city’s northern edge and surrounded by mosquito-filled marshes and grinding poverty, the School of Hope nourishes 200 of the slum’s poorest children.

They learn history, math, English, computers and also the basics of life traditionally imparted at home, such as nutrition and hygiene. But living in hovels without running water or indoor plumbing and having uneducated parents who work as garbage pickers or fruit or tea vendors, school is really the only place these skills can be instilled.

To complicate things even more, Bangladesh does not offer free education. In order to engage parents and knowing how tight money might be for them, the School of Hope’s monthly tuition is 5 Bangladeshi Taka, the price of a cup of chai (tea).

The school also feeds its pupils, which for many might be their only daily meal.

In a way, the School of Hope is a second home, giving students the opportunity to overcome poverty and slum life, planting the seeds of success through the gift of hope.

For more information about the school or to contribute click on the following link: http://www.schoolofhope.net/

Students in a one of the school's upstairs classrooms
Shoes lined up outside classrooms in the hallway leading to the school's impeccably clean bathroom. Unlike their homes without running water or indoor plumbing, the schools bathrooms teach students the importance of cleanliness and sanitation
Each students receives a toothbrush, which are kept at the school for brushing and to teach the importance of dental hygiene
The school's cook prepares a meal of vegetables and lentils
Students in one of the school's downstairs classrooms

Student's desks and benches in a downstairs classroom

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