Humor, irony and public service announcements fill the streets of Reykjavik. From dating advice to junk food warnings to words of wisdom, Icelandic street art provides a guide for life.

Maybe it’s a bit hokey to talk it up like that but when Iceland’s Slurpees are called “Krap” and graffiti talks truth (as opposed to tagging one’s territory like an unsnipped mutt – there’s still lots of that) it makes me think this small country has built something better than big houses and piles of cash during its thousand year history.

Don’t get me wrong. They stumbled hard during the great financial collapse in the 2000s and the economy tanked. But even then, I think the country learned an important lesson.

While making money and having a full belly and safe place to sleep are important –  even imperative parts of life – they’re only a means to an end.

And that, my friends is happiness.

Everybody complains about his or her troubles and stresses but nobody gripes about about a happy ending.

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  1. Scott

    Dude, always enjoy reading your entries. Ummm, did you say “happy ending?” Much love, Scott, Bangkok, Thailand 🙂


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