Iceland’s Creative Muse

Inspiration, regardless of its source is a powerful agent of creativity. For much of western history, the church and more specifically Christ, has served as a creative muse to artists and writers and poets. In Iceland, a country dominated by … Continued

Iceland’s Desolation Row

Barren, desolate, lunar with a smidgen of Christ is how I’d describe eastern Iceland. Tiny towns and villages line Highway 1, the main artery that runs through the region and each of these towns, comprised of a few houses, barns, and … Continued

Time for an Old School Icelandic Shvitz

I love to shvitz. I’m not just talking about shvitzing (sweating) on a balmy day or from a good run, but the yiddish kind of shvitz: the place and bodily function melded into the singular experience of sitting in a steam room or … Continued

The Beauty of Everyday Iceland

During a recent visit to Iceland, I arrived on the tail end of a mild winter. Instead of crisp sunny days, we found ourselves inundated by snow, rain and the full force of the North Atlantic’s winter fury. At one … Continued

Watery Wintery Wonderland Waterfall

Gale force winds and piles of snow add to the winter beauty of Iceland’s Gullfoss Waterfall. Its unforgiving winter weather can turn in a second, as I learned while to visit Gullfoss. The normally 45 minute drive from Reykjavik took … Continued

Iceland’s Living Waterfall: Seljalandsfoss

A craggy, 200-foot cliff traces Iceland’s southern coastline like a towering castle rampart looming over the country’s rugged, natural beauty. The receding ocean exposed the formerly submerged shelf and waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss tumble over the cliff as glacial meltwater flows … Continued

A Cascade of Viking Treasure

Viking legends fill the mountains and waterfalls of Iceland, and Skogafoss Waterfall takes no exception. Legend says a treasure is hidden somewhere in the 200 foot tall, 82 foot wide cascade. Þrasi Þórólfsson, the first Viking settler buried a treasure … Continued

Dreaming of Northern Lights

Wispy green apparitions dance through the night like the souls of lost Vikings, lost at sea, seeking their ancient Icelandic homeland. Once a village of turf huts and scruffy seafarers, Reykjavik has become an international destination for finance and tourism, … Continued