Getting High In an Icelandic Church

There’s nothing like getting high in a church. In Reykjavik’s 244-foot tall Hallgrimskirkja Church, guests pay 700 krona (around $7) for a lift up the steeple into the church’s clock tower with 360-degree city views, the surrounding mountainous landscape and a glimpse of art. … Continued

Iceland’s Creative Muse

Inspiration, regardless of its source is a powerful agent of creativity. For much of western history, the church and more specifically Christ, has served as a creative muse to artists and writers and poets. In Iceland, a country dominated by … Continued

Iceland’s Desolation Row

Barren, desolate, lunar with a smidgen of Christ is how I’d describe eastern Iceland. Tiny towns and villages line Highway 1, the main artery that runs through the region and each of these towns, comprised of a few houses, barns, and … Continued

The Beauty of Everyday Iceland

During a recent visit to Iceland, I arrived on the tail end of a mild winter. Instead of crisp sunny days, we found ourselves inundated by snow, rain and the full force of the North Atlantic’s winter fury. At one … Continued

Watery Wintery Wonderland Waterfall

Gale force winds and piles of snow add to the winter beauty of Iceland’s Gullfoss Waterfall. Its unforgiving winter weather can turn in a second, as I learned while to visit Gullfoss. The normally 45 minute drive from Reykjavik took … Continued