Capturing Falmouth’s St. Peter the Apostle (Church)

  I wrote in an earlier post about Falmouth’s oldest public building, the St. Peter the Apostle Church. Built in 1796, St. Peter’s was the first church built in Trelawny, the parish (state) Falmouth sits in and near the popular … Continued

Jamaican Shadow Play

  Stark beauty often hides within the lush. In Jamaica’s northern coast a few places caught my eye; each offering a different sense of silence, yet both projecting a flirtatious play on presence. The first photo shows plants growing through a church … Continued

Port Antonio’s Biggest Folly

  Around the bend from Folly Point Lighthouse, the town’s biggest folly awaits. Built in 1902, the 60 room mansion was home to American millionaire Alfred Mitchell. A businessman by trade, Mitchell married into the Tiffany family (the jewelry one), and … Continued

Jamaica’s Pointiest Folly

  Crumbling buildings and a brackish breeze greet the visitor to Port Antonio. The historic town traces its history to the 16th century Spanish who dubbed the nearby bay Puerto Anton. The Spanish never developed the area and when the … Continued

A Few More from Boston Beach

After taking photos of the kids in the previous post, I offered to E-mail them the images. E-mail? Not an option, so I’m sending prints addressed to their post office via good old fashioned snail mail. Below are a few … Continued

Jamaica’s Tastiest Jerk

Sizzling grills, full of jerk chicken and fish, blow tangy clouds of smoke as the waves of Boston Beach crash in the distance. Renowned for its spicy-sweet jerk sauce and rumbling surf break, Jamaica’s Boston Beach is a laid back … Continued

Falmouth’s Not so Foul Mouth

Its name sounds like a naughty school child (but with a hard T at the end). Time-worn cobblestones line the streets of this historic Jamaican port town founded in 1769 and named after the similarly named English town in Cornwall. … Continued

Stepping Off the Jamaican Resort

Everybody said: “Don’t go,” “Don’t do it,” “It’s too dangerous.” “It’s not safe. I’m scared for you,” echoed in my mind as we exited Jamaica’s Montego Bay international airport and brushed by the taxi drivers looking to make a quick … Continued