More than 63,000 men, women, and children sleep in New York City’s homeless shelters each night (1).

Circumstances may differ but the fact remains the same: with nowhere to go and no one to turn to, entire segments of our community end up displaced.

Many organizations in New York City and the surrounding areas provide stability for the homeless and others threatened to lose their homes and security.

One such organization is HomeFirst. Based in Plainfield, NJ, HomeFirst provides a range of services to mitigate community homelessness: from emergency housing to language courses to children’s summer camps.

Outside of their main office is a huge garden tended by children whose families are or have been homeless. They help water, weed and even harvest the garden’s organic bounty. Even better, the food is then distributed to the families HomeFirst assists, providing fresh, healthy produce.

I recently spent a day documenting the organization and some of the photos are below. For more information or to support HomeFirst, please click here:

(Photos from a 2014 shoot are available here.)


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