A gloomy haze hovered through the Pennsylvania countryside and swallowed the hills and mountains in its milky froth. Fallow fields, glassy roads, a church’s jagged spire and surrounding cemetery blinked in and out of view as the downtrodden clouds brushed the damp earth.

I had to stop, take a breath and observe. Capture the moment: sometimes in memory, sometimes with words, sometimes times through art.

A few months back, while on my way to visit family who live in the mountains of southwest Pennsylvania, I drove into one of these moments.

I had just turned off a country road onto an even sparser route when the clouds congealed into a moody mist and transformed the muted winter greens and browns into black and white. While the photos below were shot in color then processed in black and white, mother nature had already desaturated the fog-bleached landscape and left behind the haunting images below.