Beauty in the Mist

A gloomy haze hovered through the Pennsylvania countryside and swallowed the hills and mountains in its milky froth. Fallow fields, glassy roads, a church’s jagged spire and surrounding cemetery blinked in and out of view as the downtrodden clouds brushed … Continued

Getting High In an Icelandic Church

There’s nothing like getting high in a church. In Reykjavik’s 244-foot tall Hallgrimskirkja Church, guests pay 700 krona (around $7) for a lift up the steeple into the church’s clock tower with 360-degree city views, the surrounding mountainous landscape and a glimpse of art. … Continued

Iceland’s Creative Muse

Inspiration, regardless of its source is a powerful agent of creativity. For much of western history, the church and more specifically Christ, has served as a creative muse to artists and writers and poets. In Iceland, a country dominated by … Continued

Capturing Falmouth’s St. Peter the Apostle (Church)

  I wrote in an earlier post about Falmouth’s oldest public building, the St. Peter the Apostle Church. Built in 1796, St. Peter’s was the first church built in Trelawny, the parish (state) Falmouth sits in and near the popular … Continued

An Oldie But Goodie

One of the oldest churches in Jamaica sits in Falmouth, not far from its formerly bustling port. Surrounded by a sprawling cemetery with 200 + year old graves, the St. Peter the Apostle Church was completed in 1796 and has … Continued