It’s more than luck when a new hobby leads to an assignment. (Full disclosure: I’d also been commissioned to make a desk and entryway table for the offices of Garden Acupuncture, a Brooklyn acupuncturist).

I was working out of Makeville Studio, a wood-shop in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood, when a fellow woodworker and I struck up a conversation about an article he was writing for Woodcraft Magazine. It needed photos to go along with the story. So I reached out to the magazine’s Creative Director, and a few weeks later I setup lights in the shop and was documenting Phil Gautreau transform – through a process called turning – raw blocks of wood into bowls. His bowls, as you can see in the story’s photos and through the above link to Phil’s website, are beautiful and the shots came out pretty great too.

Checkout the first spread of the feature below and here’s a link to the entire story on Woodcraft Magazine’s website.




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