Since its founding in 1958 by the Little Sisters of the Assumption, LSA Family Health Services has woven itself into the fabric of upper Manhattan through providing food, clothing, healthcare, education and social services.

A few months back, I spent a day shooting a series of photos for the non-profit as it worked to improve the lives of East Harlem’s underprivileged residents.

After revisiting the images recently, I found a few that deserved to be shared.

The first is a portrait of a new mother, of one of the many people LSA assists.

Each day, LSA Staff nurses head into the community to assist new mothers in their homes (like in the photo below) to ensure both mother and child are healthy and progressing well postpartum.

The other two photos were taken at LSA’s community center, a neighborhood safe space where the organization hosts classes, support groups, tutoring and many other initiatives.

To learn more about LSA and its initiatives, click here.

And as always, be sure to click on the photos to the view them full-size.