Another Brick in the Bangladeshi Wall: Part 1

Scattered around Dhaka, Bangladesh’s chaotic capital, brick factories cut and bake the foundation of the countries breakneck building boom. Despite recent initiatives to improve efficiency and reduce green house gasses, Bangladesh’s brick making produces 6-million tons of CO2 annually, according … Continued

Roots of Hope

Hope often finds itself in the most dire of places and Dhaka’s School of Hope takes no exception. Planted in a slum in the city’s northern edge and surrounded by mosquito-filled marshes and grinding poverty, the School of Hope nourishes … Continued

Myanmar – Part 5: Thaunggok

There wasn’t much to do in Thaunggok besides wander around and by 9pm everything was shut down and the streets hauntingly dark. On my first day there I rented a motorbike but ended up returning it after about 5 minutes … Continued

Laos Part 2: Vang Vieng

Imagine a place where reruns of Friends and Family Guy play 24/7. Where throngs of backpackers stoned on “happy food” and Laos whiskey float on tubes from bar to bar on the Nam Song river’s chilly current. Where limestone cliffs … Continued

Vietnam’s Dynamo

Three weeks in Vietnam exploring from Ho Chi Minh City in the south to Hanoi in the north (including a few beaches, the former colonial French town Dalat, set in the highlands of western Vietnam and a foray into the … Continued

Even the Dead Have an iPad in Hong Kong

Today is Hong Kong’s Chung Yeung festival, the day where ancestor reverence boils over and the country shuts down to show their respect. Besides being a national holiday with government offices and banks closed, many Hong Kongers visit cemeteries to … Continued

Hiking the Great Wall

Thick clouds of mist and rain couldn’t dissuade us from exploring the Mutinyua section of China’s Great wall. Hidden from view were miles of walls first built in the 5th century B.C.E., extended by subsequent rulers until reaching more than … Continued