I recently shot photos for LSA Family Health Services, a non-profit in New York City working to improve the lives of East Harlem’s underprivileged residents.

Since its founding in 1958 by the Little Sisters of the Assumption, the organization has woven itself into the neighborhood fabric through providing food, clothing, healthcare, education and many additional services to families and individuals.

Its community center on East 115th Street serves as a home base for their many initiatives: classes, advocacy, a food bank, health services, a thrift shop and from where staff nurses head into the community to assist new mothers in their homes and experts venture into the neighborhood to inspect client’s apartments for mold and other environmental hazards commonly found in New York.

The day I visited, a music class for parents with young children was happening. An instructor led the group in song, movement and dance. There were laughs, smiles and the inevitable tears, but through it all, I found quiet, intimate moments.

Below are some of the photos I took while at LSA.

To learn more about LSA and its initiatives, click here.

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