Indonesia’s Sweet Airy Paradise

I’m living a fantasy right now – dreaming about Gili Air’s idyllic beaches, feeling and hearing sand and coral crunch beneath my feet and enjoying afternoon siestas in an open sided, thatch-roofed hut. Not that I don’t love NYC, but … Continued

Paradise on Earth (Where I Wish I Was Right Now)

Stepping into paradise begins with a splash. Moments after the high-speed ferry intentionally runs aground on Gili Air’s sand bar, its passenger’s hop into the warm water and splash onto its sun-bleached beach. Three miles around with sandy roads and … Continued

Kawah Ijen by Night

At Indonesia’s 8,660 foot Kawah Ijen volcano, miners toil in hellish conditions as they pry raw sulfur from the volcano’s crater. Despite the roiling liquid sulfur, acidic steam and a boiling acid lake, the miners toil without any protective equipment. … Continued