Situated on Barbados’s rugged northern coast where crashing waves slam into 50-foot cliffs, an old hotel dies. Abandoned years ago and victim to the Atlantic Ocean’s briny wind, the North Point Surf Resort is literally a shell of its past.

For years, its 48-rooms were filled with international tourists, United States Navy soldiers stationed at a now closed base, and local Barbadians enjoying its remoteness. Perhaps its out-of-the way location on Barbados’s northern crown was the cause of the hotel’s eventual demise.

All that remains of the Surf Resort is a husk of rusting rebar, peeling paint and crumbling cement. The Olympic-sized pool was ringed with umbrellas (see the vintage postcard below) and filled with tourists and competitive swimmers. Two high-dive spring boards cast divers into the deep end. Today, the overgrown cement high-dive steps bow over algae- and trash-filled muck.

For many years, the property was for sale. I’ve reached out to local real estate brokers but could not get a definitive answer about its current status. A local lawyer represents the property but as of publishing they did respond to my inquiry.

In 2014, the Barbadian government considered buying and redeveloping the property but the project never came to fruition.

Each time I visit the ruins, I fantasize about its heyday and what was lost. I also wonder what it could become. Perhaps in another life with deep pockets or hotelier ambitions, I would restore or transform the dying resort into a Barbadian oasis.

5 Responses to “Barbados’s Crumbling North Point Surf Resort”

  1. morris greenidge

    Great Article. I was sent a photo of the postcard but have never shot the ruins as you have published. I am writing a series of Parish Profiles on Barbados and would love to use just one of your pix. Can I have your permission?. Credit for same should help revive interest in your fine article.

    • micahbrubin

      Thank you for reaching out. You are welcome to use one image if you provide both a photo credit and link back to the post. If you would, please send a link to your article/series to Thank you!

  2. Judith Bryan

    I thoroughly enjoyed your footage. Visited there regularly as a child. My son is a Barbados Waterpolo player and we are privy to other information. Feel free to email me anytime

  3. Theresa McGarry

    Spent our honeymoon there in 1969. Remote and beautiful. Also, found a note in a bottled on the beach there which was thrown off the US France ship off of Virginia. Several years ago I contacted the person that threw it off. Still have letter!

    • micahbrubin

      Hi Theresa,

      Great to hear from you. That’s an amazing story about the bottle. Thank you for visiting and sharing!


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