For 60 years, the ruckus of machines and tools rang though Golten Marine’s machine shop at 160 Van Brunt.

A hive of mechanics and workers toiled for long hours as they rebuilt engines and drive systems of ships and tankers stranded throughout the world.

Even when it was quiet, an air compressor’s hiss rang through the workshop.

On July 3, Goltens went silent, the building sold to LIVWRK, a developer with plans to convert the industrial space into office and creative spaces.

For the employees of Goltens – many of whom spent their careers covered in the building’s grease and grime – the closing hurts. Not because on April 4th, they lost their jobs. Not because they lost their income. Because they lost their family.

Since then, the same guys who spent years mending and repairing damaged ship parts have been dismantling their second home.

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Juan Cadabel, a Goltens employee of 14 years on his 2nd to last day of work.

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