A Chilly Chinatown Night

New York at night holds a seductive allure. The landscape changes as the shadows, colors and shapes morph into grays and oranges and the reflection of traffic light reds, yellows and greens dance on the city’s bumpy streets. The Chinatown bustle, … Continued

Golten’s Greasy Past Says Goodby

Hopefully you had a moment to read the article I wrote for the Red Hook Star Revue about Goltens Marine closing shop after so many years. Naturally only a small portion of the photos can be printed. So, below are outtakes I … Continued

A Red Hook Monument Goes Silent

For 60 years, the ruckus of machines and tools rang though Golten Marine’s machine shop at 160 Van Brunt. A hive of mechanics and workers toiled for long hours as they rebuilt engines and drive systems of ships and tankers … Continued

Colorful Chaos: A Final Rishikesh Installment

Clouds of color fluttered through the air amidst a torrent of excitement. The parade of people marched and danced down the street celebrating Holi, the festival of color that literally and figuratively gilds Rishikesh in a bath of colorful chaos. … Continued