Walking the streets of Yangon, the past clashes with the present and you feel like everything’s evolving around you.

Many travelers who’d visited only 6 months before couldn’t believe the changes that took place in prices, number of tourists, etc.

Get there now if you can!

Lucky for me, the people there are super friendly and love to have their photo taken – check out the below photos and the upcoming photos I’ll be posting shortly.


Traffic swirls by Sule Paya, a 2000 year old temple in central Yangon whose name translates "the stupa (temple) where a Sacred Hair Relic (likely Buddha's) is enshrined"

Religion and modernity collide in a Myanmar market where images of Marilyn Monroe are sold along side Mecca
A Burmese hipster?
Less than 25 Jews remain in Myanmar, a shadow of the formerly thriving Sephardi community, but in the Moseah Yeshua Synagogue it's memory remains in the above sign for Mincha, or afternoon prayer.
Even Burmese have blue eyes
The blue-eyed gentleman's wife
A gramophone for sale at a small antique store, the remains of the country's British colonial rule
Throughout Burma (and many Asian countries) people chew betel nut, a mild stimulant that stains lips and teeth beet red



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