Most travelers who venture into Laos stick to the country’s mountainous north.

Southern Laos, under appreciated and hardly explored, holds as much beauty – if not more – than its northern cousin. Below are a few pics from Kong Lor Cave, a 7.5 km (4.5 mile) cave whose inky blackness cuts through immense limestone mountains and is only explorable by boat.

Sunset in Kong Lor, the tiny village near the Kong Lor Cave
The entrance to the Kong Lor Cave; from the inside looking out
A navigator (and in the cave, torch holder) guides the captain along the Hin Phou River, which flows through the cave
The far end of Kong Lor Cave
Busses transport everything in Laos. From people to livestock (usually inside the bus) to traveler's motorbikes, as photographed in the southern Laotian town Tha Khaek
At the end of a long journey, there's nothing better than kicking back with a Beer Laos, one of the most delicious beers in SE Asia



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