If you read yesterday’s post, you know about my adventure getting lost in Harriman State Park last weekend. It’s funny how things change in an instant when you sense something’s amiss.

Early in the Green Pond/Boston Mine Long hike, before getting lost is the surprise, surprise, Green Pond. It’s a beautiful spot: chirping birds, whispering reeds and since it’s early in the spring, a mix of browns and yellows sprinkled in and around the blossoming green forest.

I’ve been experimenting with composite images – taking multiple frames and weaving them together to create a huge canvas, like in the photo below. It’s actually 16 frames blended into one, which gives it a surreal perspective. If you look at it (full size) you’ll get a taste of vertigo and depth that isn’t visible in a regular photo.

Check it out below and I look forward to your thoughts.