Peer overhead during the coldest, bleakest winter days and spindly branches splinter the monotonous grey skies like a web of shattered glass. Come spring, when the breath of rebirth blossoms, a riot of color and perfume fill the air.

The views of Cobble Hill change daily as the blossoms turn trees white and pink and yellow until they shower the sidewalks with a cascade of petals.

In a blink, tree branches evolve as spring matures into summer. Once naked branches are laden with flowers. As the days progress, green leaves filter the blue skies. And as the summer wanes, the leaves wither and softening light continues the beautiful cycle of color and life.

I find night a calming, tranquil time to reflect and appreciate Brooklyn’s oft overlooked natural beauty. The below photos – fleeting moments of a living dream – were captured a few weeks back, late at night as the world slept.