The Sikhs have a reputation throughout India as fierce warriors. The guards at the Golden Temple reinforce this perception. Dressed in yellow tunics and often carrying spears, the guards are scattered throughout the temple grounds and the pilgrims hostel. Colors and symbols hold deep symbolism in Sikh tradition and the guards embody these ideals.

This is the final installment from Amritsar. Stay tuned for more photos from India and soon to be Nepal.

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  1. Mary Jo McLellan

    Hi Micah, I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Are you going to Nepal? I was there for 5 weeks this spring. I will be interested in reading your insights.
    Hope all is well.
    Mary Jo McLellan (Jerry’s girl friend)

    • micahbrubin

      Hi Mary Jo,

      Great to hear from you! Hope your trip to Burma was amazing. I’d love to get back to Nepal and it’ll be one of these days!

      Hope all’s great!



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