Dear John,

In dark times like these, it’s easy to forget how beautiful our world really is.

I’ve always tried to find the time to watch sunsets and tonight’s effort was no disappointment thanks to the passing hurricane.

Hurricane Tammy filled the day with torrential rains, deafening thunderclaps and hundreds of ground-striking lighting bolts. The island was flooded in many places and cars were literally floating away.

Meanwhile, a storm surge was slapping the South Coast and surfers paddled through the mushy swell.

I did not have a chance to drop in, but watched from shore as the day’s tides pulsed and the sky evolved into a gauzy night.

Life and its beauty often have caveats and it is our job to accept them for what they are. To embrace the beautiful with the ugly and hope our presence and efforts foment our desires. Thoughts?

Agree to disagree?



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