Friends, these are challenging times and I need your help.

No, I wasn’t robbed in London and need a wire transfer for a plane ticket home nor have I fallen and can’t get up.

In my calendar, November is scratched out and replaced with the moniker Movember. Each Movember, myself and millions of people around the world donate their faces and facial hair (not to mention time and money) to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.

From prostate cancer research to mental health treatment, Movember works to get people gabbing, challenging everyone’s upper lip to pucker up and do their part.

Get talking, get moving, lets get this show on the road as we work to stomp out cancer and raise the flag of victory for men’s health.

Please click on the stash below to learn more about my Movember Campaign and even better show your support by making a donation to improving men’s health.


A post-run stash shot.
See how good you can look when you grow a Mo.










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  1. leila

    Micah…. must say married life must be agreeing with you. Looking MIGHTY fine. Oh my “stach” is very slow growing.


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